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What They Say...

"Love the music. It's taking me away from my're very naughty ! Xx" 

"Your music is perfect for inspiration, it's like a coulorfull wavy trip2 

"WOW - Psychadelic Wonderland" 

"Well, well, what a delightfully unusual and twisted web you weave here.And such a polite young man too." 

"I did try bellydancing to your tunes and keep doing it works just awesome. I love your music" 

"I dig your music.It makes me feel like floating on the pool of XTC" 

"Lev is sooooooo totally lifts me up,.peace." 

"Ewwww..... This music is disgusting.............Ilike it.Funky shit. I dig it." 

"Great stuff- tried Tony Allen's Home Cooking or drank from the waterfall of Shuggie Otis Inspiration Information?" 

"beautifull original music!!!!" 

"You've got that classic experimental space prog that's been missing" 

"Tight tunes, that's some raw originality fella." 

"beautifull original music!!!!" 

" Funk-rock WITHOUT seams? I guess we have it now! You can really do that classic rock and retro funk sound without sounding forced or fake! Keep rockin, and keep progressing :-D Stay up " 

i like your music. i've only listened to one song so far, but i like how many different movements it has in just one piece. really flow.

"wowow this is great ! splendid stuff !!!..."

"Really cool music"

"VIBRATIONS-the force is strong with this one"

i know what would happen to me if i would listen to you in a gig...i would start dancing, and my feet will be just carring me on and on!
and on and on...

""I"Would like to attend a concert. Very much."I LOVE RADIATORS!!! IT'S MY FAV. YOUR MUSIC IS DYNAMITE!!!"

"Nice choons! Loving the funk. And the synth spirit. 

""Love the funk in "Lev"......""Wohaaa..........""good bass playing......and funky guitars..what more can you ask for......""Nice choons! Loving the funk. And the synth spirit. 

""Love The Experiment. Like a scientific lab test gone awry, it erupts into a mushroom cloud of pretty little things and dreams.

""Cool music--I love your voice!

"your music's fucking genius ! reminded me a bit of funkadelic, awesome stuff " 

I always have stop in and listen this great!! keep it up!

"Your music is beautiful my friend! Very colorful!

"REALLY Lovin' your stuff!""These are superb tracks and such a treat - Black Mind especially, many thanks for sharing, Pilgrim Speakeasy!

"""Good stuff - definitely playing it next time I throw a party!"

"bad junkie ju-ju and a little bit of mayo

""I'm diggin ur sound man!!!Sounds real groovy!!!Keep doing what u do!!

""agh, just listened to radiators 3 times in a row...can't....stop...

""It's a black, black mind that you live in and it's far too late to redecorate"

I LOVE that!

"Wow, I alt-tabbed from a game to see who was playing, because the voice and the groove were amazing! I alt-tabbed from a game to see who was playing, because the voice and the groove were amazing!"

"funky and unique...I like it!"

"Funk electronico ? Me gusta."




"Whatta groove for Friday morning!"




"Wow... You guys swing."




"cool boogie"



"his song, his band, cool-cool all my love"




"Awesome! Really great funky sound that got my head bobbing right away. Great, fun, entertaining stuff!"




"Hey guys, your music that I hearing from this radio is so fantastic for me.Go & give us more fantastic music like this(and better). Large greetings from SERBIA!!!!!!!!"




"Wen doen wid Feelings, Smiles Appears"




"catchy and funky"









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